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Radio Cascadia is the only unbiased Pacific Northwest soccer podcast. The shows releases every Friday, frequently featuring players, coaches, and journalists from the world of MLS and beyond. Come join us for an hour of soccer news and analysis!
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Oct 23, 2015

With the first ever MLS Decision Day coming up on Sunday, there's only one podcast that'll prep you for all the Cascadia action! Our clubs could all finish anywhere from 2nd in the West, all the way down to missing the playoffs. The thrilling end to the MLS regular season is here- it's win your home game or go home for our brave Cascadians! 



00:00 - Portland review at LA

15:54 - Seattle review vs Houston 

37:14 - Vancouver preview vs Houston

40:15 - Playoff possibilities and decision day


Oct 15, 2015

It’s been a quiet week in Cascadia, but definitely not a relaxed one. With some of our teams getting a bye week last weekend, we’ve been feeling the calm before the storm as our teams enter the final weeks of the season.

In this edition of Radio Cascadia, we take a hard look at MLS’ proposed video replay rule, review our midweek fixtures and preview this weekend’s matches.


00:00 – MLS video replay; rule change opinions and first look

19:30 – Portland review at Real Salt Lake

38:45 – Vancouver review at FC Dallas

43:00 – Seattle’s bye week and preview at Houston


Oct 10, 2015

One down, two more to go. With Vancouver clinching a playoff spot in their 0-0 draw with FC Dallas, we discuss the implications of their Supporters Shield aspirations and their recent form. Switching focus to Seattle we dissect their 1-1 draw with the LA Galaxy. Finally we look back on Portland's 1-0 loss to SKC and wonder what went wrong for the Timbers.

Oct 1, 2015

It was a strange but exciting week here in Cascadia, with our 3 teams defying our crew's predictions. With some interesting talking points this week, our team tears into playoff standings, shield predictions, game reviews, and much more.



00:00 - Portland review at Columbus, playoff contentions 

17:42 - Vancouver outrage and shield impacts

33:05 - Seattle review at San Jose

Sep 24, 2015

What a week! Portland played on national TV, Seattle won the the Cascadia Cup AND bounced Vancouver from CCL. And for our Whitecaps faithful, there's still the not-so-small matter of leading the Western Conference. We cover it all on Ep. 58!


0:00:00 - Portland v NYRB review; Analysis of Timbers' shot at playoffs

0:23:13 - Preview: Timbers @ Columbus Crew

0:32:11 - Cascadia Cup Decider: Recap and retrospective

0:52:32 - CCL Clincher: Sounders take second decisive win in 5 days

1:08:05 - Brief chat with Oniel Fisher; Postgame press conferences from CCL on 9/23 (Sigi Schmid and Carl Robinson) 


Sep 11, 2015

A quiet weekend made for a slow week, and the crew has time to ponder Vancouver's Shield chances, the merits of Lucas Melano, and whether Seattle's really back or not. Prost Amerika contributor John Zielonka makes his RC debut. 


0:00:00 - Seattle v Toronto review: Is Seattle back? 

0:28:15 - Seattle at San Jose preview

0:48:20 - Whitecaps v Colorado review: Assessing Shield aspirations

1:10:00 - Timbers v SKC review: What makes Melano a success this year? 




Sep 3, 2015

In this week's edition of the Radio Cascadia podcast, the team discuss the impact of our Cascadian teams results coming into the sharp end of the season. With a special off-site interview of our show's favorite Timbers supporter, Ed Pham, we get into the nitty-gritty of this week's fixtures.


00:00 - Seattle darby review

25:45 - Vancouver retrospective

31:16 - Ed Pham off-site interview

49:30 - Outro

Aug 29, 2015

The 'Caps won a trophy, there's a big derby this weekend, and it's all right here on Radio Cascadia!


00:00 - Introduction and ACC Final review, VWFC v Houston preview

09:35 - Review of SSFC @ Olimpia, Seattle v Portland preview pt. 1

21:30 - FC Portlandia manager Alan Leonard on TAFC and supporter derbies

31:25 - Matt Hoffman on PTFC v Houston, Seattle v Portland preview pt. 2

44:00 - ECSFC director Anthony De Simone on ECSFC and supporter derbies


Aug 19, 2015

With the transfer window coming to a close, the Radio Cascadia team analyze the impact of new signings in the Cascadia region - from Portland's 22 year old DP striker, to Seattle's mercurial Paraguyan veteran and many more. 



0:00:00 - Seattle match review and discussion

0:15:30 - Portland retrospective and new signing talk

0:30:35 - Transfer breakdown and impact predictions

1:03:05 - Vancouver discussion



Aug 4, 2015

It's a Tuesday release for Radio Cascadia, as we try and keep pace with the CCL action like everyone else! Join this week for extended derby review from the weekend, a look ahead at Wednesday's matchup, and a healthy dose of Timbers talk to go along with it. We even learned that Kah and Waston rock out to "Show Me Love," just like the rest of us. (See the Pedro Morales exclusive.)

The most Cascadia soccer news and analysis, right here every week on Radio Cascadia! 

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0:00:00 - Introduction: Seattle transfer talk and Gaston Fernandez retrospective

0:28:30 - Timbers @ SJ review, or, The Value of Clean Sheets

0:39:10 - Chicago Fire @ Timbers preview (Friday, 8pm PST on Univision)

0:44:15 - Derby Review: Whitecaps 3, Sounders 0 

1:02:10 - RC exclusive postgame interview with Pedro Morales

1:05:15 - CCL Derby Preview (!!!): Sounders @ Whitecaps (Wednesday, 7pm PST on Fox Sports 1) 




Aug 1, 2015

It's gonna be a busy August in Cascadia! See how it'll start out on Ep. 52, and don't foget to check out our new T-shirts! Available for a limited time only, so grab one fast. Link:


00:00 - Whitecaps v San Jose review

05:23 - Timbers at Dallas review

18:20 - Sounders at Montreal review

27:57 - Go Away, San Jose (Or, Timbers v SJ preview) 

33:23 - Cascadia Derby preview: Vancouver at Seattle 

Jul 23, 2015

Seattle Sounders Women defensive midfielder Alyscha Mottershead joins the show to discuss her experiences in Cascadia.

"I was proud of the crew this week. I thought our work rate was good, and even saw a creative flourish here and there. We were a little worried that this would be a trap episode for us after all the emotion last week, but we handled it well in the end." -Host Steven Agen, post-Ep. 51 recording


0:00:00 - Quick Chat with Alyscha Mottershead

0:19:00 - PTFC 1, VWFC 1. Derby review with Giordan, Zach and Steven 

0:37:00 - Only Positives from Colorado 1, Seattle 0 ft. Ari Liljenwall

0:41:45 - Timbers @ Dallas preview 

0:47:20 - Sounders @ Montreal preview

1:02:45 - Whitecaps v San Jose preview



Jul 17, 2015

It's here: the 50th installment of our little soccer podcast. Tune in this week for our comprehensive midseason previews, some reminiscing about our early days, and darn near two hours of top quality Cascadian soccer analysis. 

From everyone at Radio Cascadia, thank you for your support over the last year. Here's to filling the next one with lots more podcasts, banter, and trophies for our clubs. 


0:00:00 - Introduction ft. MLS ASG discussion and Ep. 50 nostalgic storytime 

0:23:30 - Timbers at Union review

0:32:00 - Whitecaps v Sporting KC review

0:41:00 - Sounders at Fire review

0:53:30 - Cascadia Midseason Previews (Running order: Timbers, Whitecaps, Sounders)

1:44:45 - Derby Preview: Whitecaps at Timbers

Jul 8, 2015

Radio Cascadia turns its attention to midseason review, broadening our lens of analysis to reflect on the year up to now. We break down our predictions from the beginning of the season and see which ones held true (and which ones didn't!). Comparisons between the expectations for our clubs at the start of the year and now spawn discussion questions on Vancouver's transfer policy, Seattle's tactical shift, and Portland's meteoric rise over the last six weeks. 

The MLS season goes by quickly- if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it. Take a look around Cascadia with us on Ep. 49. 


0:00:00 - Introduction and weekend review

0:29:20 - Midseason Review (Running order based on Western Conference standings: Seattle, Vancouver, Portland)

1:01:00 - Previews of Portland at Philadelphia, Vancouver v Kansas City and Seattle at Chicago

Jul 1, 2015

Derby review takes center stage as the crew recaps the Timbers' 4-1 demolition of Seattle. Exclusive interviews with T2 head coach Jay Vidovich, T2 star Rennico Clarke, and S2 GM Andrew Opatkiewicz. Round table discussions on DP rules and league ethics. 


00:00 - Derby Review

29:25 - Whitecaps Preview and Review

38:30 - Core DP Debate 

47:10 - T2 v S2 Recap ft. Exclusives

57:50 - Portland & Seattle Weekend Previews

Jun 28, 2015

On this edition of Radio Cascadia, the team dive into perhaps the busiest week in Cascaidan soccer to date. With six matches to cover, the Radio Cascadia squad tear into the matches that have already happened with an eye towards the uncertain future in store for our beloved Cascadian clubs. 


00:00 - Vancouver update and match coverage

07:20 - Seattle review and retrospective w/injury update

36:30 - Seattle/Portland darby preview

55:40 - Portland perspective + LA match review

Jun 18, 2015

On this week's episode of Radio Cascadia, Steven, Zach, Toby, and Giordan cover every story in the busy world of Cascadian soccer.

With both the Open Cup and Gold Cup games starring Cascadian teams, we discuss depth impacts in our teams tough league schedules, along with in-depth reviews and previews on every match related to our Cascadian teams.



00:00 - Portland/Seattle Open Cup review and thoughts

17:57 - Seattle/FC Dallas match review

28:42 - Gold Cup update and roster impacts

37:06 - Seattle/San Jose match preview

45:00 - Vancouver highlights and preview

53:18 - Portland/Houston match preview





Jun 4, 2015

We review a week packed full of Cascadia wins before examining the latest news out of FIFA, the CCL draw, amd the MLS run-in.


00:00 - FIFA News Recap

05:45 - Aaron Campbell on Vancouver's matches with DC, RSL, Montreal, and LA

17:30 - Timbers Talk

27:00 - Will a decimated Seattle roster get anyting in Kansas City?

May 27, 2015

In this installment of Radio Cascadia, the crew review this week's matches, and look towards next week's fixtures after a series of lukewarm performances by our Cascadian clubs.

Regular contributor Aaron Cambpell calls in to give us his perspective on Vancouver's 1-0 loss to Colorado, and some choice thoughts about the officiation on Saturday's match.



00:00 - Seattle retrospective

18:20 - Aaron Cambpell and the Vancouver Whitecaps

28:07 - Portland review 

May 20, 2015

The Radio Cascadia crew spends its time looking at all six matches from around the Northwest this weekend in Ep. 43. Before they get there, though, there's another derby to review and a disappointing result from Texas to go over. This week's emphasis is on digging into the tactics of recent matches, including Sigi Schmid's new pragmatism, the importance of Cascadian width, and much more. 



00:00 - Episode preview and depth concerns

07:12 - Portland/Seattle derby review

21:00 - Timbers discussion

33:16 - Amway Cup update

34:56 - Vancouver/Toronto preview

44:50 - Seattle/Kansas City preview


May 16, 2015

The crew celebrates a third derby in four weeks, with the majority of the attention going to Seattle's trip to top-of-the-table Vancouver this weekend. An extended introduction focuses on the roster deadline that passed this week. How did each club fare in covering all their bases on the roster? Aaron Campbell previews the derby from the Whitecaps perspective; Ed Pham recounts the Timbers' win in Montreal and gives the keys to the game for their road tie with Houston. 



0:00:00 - Introduction and Roster Deadline Debate

0:26:00 - Seattle perspective of derby and review of their loss in Columbus

0:37:00 - Timbers Talk with Ed Pham

0:47:50 - Aaron Campbell on Whitecaps perspective of derby 

1:08:00 - Outro 


May 9, 2015

The Sounders pick up their fourth win in five, Vancouver leads the West after 9 games, and Portland found a foothold in the Cascadia Cup! It was a good week around the region, as we witnessed the third derby of the season. Come recap it with us, before we get you ready for all of the action next weekend! 


00:00 - Portland: Why no goals? Was there progress in the draw with Vancouver? How will the team fare in Montreal?

19:00 - Seattle: Can anyone stop Dempsey and Martins? Has Seattle's defense been historically good? Does Columbus have the best offense Seattle have seen this year?

38:16 - Vancouver: Should we be concerned about the performance in Portland? Just how many will the Whitecaps put by Philadelphia? 

Apr 25, 2015

Extensive preview of this weekend's Cascadia derby, featuring multiple clips from the various viewpoints of the match from around the region; Niall McCusker debuts on the show, covering the Portland perspective; Aaron Campbell expresses his delight following Vancouver's 1-0 win in Utah.



00:00 - Giordan, Steven and Zach on The Seattle Side of the Derby

21:30 - Niall McCusker and Steven on The Portland Side of the Derby

35:35 - Aaron Campbell and Steven on Vancouver v RSL, Vancouver v DC, and The Ambivalent Side of the Derby

50:15 - Outro


Apr 16, 2015

It's a sad week in Cascadia where all three MLS sides lost this weekend. We avoid dwelling on the bad, and focus on the future. How can our clubs get it right next time out? We answer this central question for each club. Bonus coverage of the S2 v T2 derby. 


0:00:00 - Giordan and Steven on Vancouver's disappointing week and a chance for redemption at Rio Tinto

0:18:50 - Recap of Seattle v LA, preview of Seattle v Colorado

0:41:35 - S2 v T2 recap and analysis and thoughts on USMNT call ups

0:49:50 - Portland v Orlando review and pondering why Portland aren't finding goals

1:01:20 - Outro

Apr 8, 2015

Aaron Campbell recaps a big win over LA for the Whitecaps and previews their double-match week; Tissue Gate reaction and analysis of recent roster moves; Exclusive interview with T2 assitant coach Andrew Gregor. 


0:00:00 - Reviewing Portland's win over Dallas, previewing their tie with Orlando

0:19:38 - Sounders talk, or, The Epic of Siegfried Schmid 

0:44:31 - Aaron Campbell on 4 straight wins for Vancouver, and their 2 match week ahead

0:58:10 - Tissue Gate analysis

1:08:58 - Radio Cascadia exclusive interview with Andrew Gregor, conducted by Matt Hoffman

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